Welcome to Zenith Garden Estate!

The function of this site is to provide useful information for both existing residents and new owners living within the estate.

We are proud of our beautiful surroundings and hope that you will support us in retaining the quiet and welcoming atmosphere of this small community.

We would also ask that you look after and nurture the local fauna and flora. We are blessed with an abundance of local mammals, reptiles and birdlife and would ask that you ensure your visitors are aware of these delights, along with the obvious, natural hazards of the creek when walking around.

Building on the site finished around 2000 and since then, the estate has developed the common facilities of the Pavilion, including sporting and recreational amenities.

We have tried to ensure that the environment is quiet, secure and safe for our children to grow and play. We hope that you will help us to maintain this peaceful community atmosphere.

Please feel free to provide us with any constructive feedback on either this website, or on any other issue(s) that will enhance our community, by contacting the Executive Committee Members, or by forwarding an email via the Contact Us page, or by dropping a note into the Zenith Garden Post Box at the front gate.

Welcome to Zenith Gardens